Behind the lens

about my work..

My name is MaryElla & I’m the Mama of two beautiful girls & the wife to my bestfriend.🫶 I reside in Japan, serving Tokyo & surrounding areas. I am a internationally Published Photographer who focuses I specialize in documenting authentic storytelling with lots of boldness & color.🎨 Life is short & I know just how important freezing time can be. Storytelling allows me to capture it all. From families, maternity, engagement/couples, lifestyle sessions, seniors, children, newborns, pets & events. I celebrate it all with you. I truly thrive off of creativity & I love bringing out the light in each person; Portraits of people are my JAM.😍 Don't be afraid to reach out to discuss the session of your dreams.🌙✨

about my style..

I have a unique style. I love color & detail. Each photoshoot has it's own interesting aesthetic - It all depends on the mood of the session. You will find vibrant, bold colors with contrast and lots of light in my work. My skies are dynamic, my skin tones are creamy & my clients are always happy.

about my backround..

I was born in Aurora, Colorado. Raised in Yorktown, Virginia. Spent some time in San Francisco, California and the gorgeous little island, Guam - I am currently living in Japan with my husband & our two beautiful daughters. You will see them plastered all over my social media. ♥

I absolutely love working with children & meeting new people. I was a Montessori teacher for several years before beginning my journey into photography. During that time, I was merely a photography hobbyist. I never thought it would turn into something so valuable to me. My business & my clients mean the world to me.

about your session.

.During my sessions, I strive to capture beautiful moments in a calm environment so that people can relive their special moments whenever they choose, through my work. I specialize in creative portraits but will shoot Family, Children, Animals, Couples, Engagement, Maternity & Fresh 48 Sessions and more in a heart beat. I’m ALWAYS up to try something new & different so never hesitate to throw your ideas my way.

I’m absolutely inspired by creativity & I love expressing myself through photography. Photography excites me; from the moment I have an idea to the moment I’m sitting at my computer saving my finished work. I love what I do. It's my passion!

If you would like to work together; send me a message so we can create some timeless images that you will cherish forever.