behind the lens

I am a 10x Published Photographer who focuses on natural light/creative photography. I absolutely love working with children & meeting new people. I was born in Aurora, Colorado. Raised in Yorktown, Virginia. Spent some time in San Francisco, California & now I am currently living in Yigo, Guam with my husband & our two beautiful daughters. You will see them plastered all over this page & my social media!

I was a Montessori teacher for several years before beginning my journey into photography. During that time, I was merely a photography hobbyist. I never thought it would turn into something so BIG. At that point in my life it was just fun & games. At this point it's fun and it's also business. My business & my clients mean the world to me.

I strive to capture beautiful moments in a calm environment so that people can relive these moments whenever they choose, through my work. I specialize in Fine Art Portraits but will shoot Family, Children, Animals, Couples, Engagement, Maternity & Fresh 48 Sessions in a heart beat. I’m ALWAYS up to try something new & different so never hesitate to throw your ideas my way.

I’m absolutely inspired by creativity & I love expressing myself through photography. Photography excites me; from the moment I have an idea to the moment I’m sitting at my computer saving my finished work. I love what I do.

If you like my style & would like to work together; send me a message so we can create some timeless images that you will cherish forever.